1. Does your community, region or state have a real economic development or job creation plan? Could it survive a Shark Tank session? What questions will the sharks ask you? In the 21st century – no innovation, no plan, no metrics = no investment = failure.
  2.  Should entrepreneurship be the heart of your community’s job creation strategy?  A major part of it?  How to know and if so, what are the essential program elements and how do you measure it?
  3. What are the biggest job creation challenges/opportunities in the decades ahead and how should they change your calculus of the future?
  4. How does one go about integrating workforce, community and economic development? A new litmus test for managing future economies.
  5. What are the attributes of good (bad) economic development leadership?
  6. What are the character attributes of communities that will prosper in the 21st century?
  7.  The happiest people are those working on the hardest problems; advice on how to tackle wicked problems.