Speaking Topics and Rates: 

Keynote – $3,500 plus direct expenses

Remote Presentation via live video feed – $1,500

20 – 30 min presentation + Q&A, 1 hr. max


Breakout Session (a la carte) – $6,000 plus direct expenses

Keynote + Breakout Session – $8,000 plus direct expenses

1.5 – 2 hr. interactive session with a focus on what attendees should do after 

identifying the issues in the keynote presentation. Breakout sessions are 

solution and process focused, and provide a deeper understanding 

of the practical solutions.


1.  When the Boomers Bail

•  Demographics are creating a zero sum labor market that changes the underlying fundamentals

for economic development. In this new era, will your community be a winner or a loser?


2.  Getting Your Community Mojo Back

•  Current economic and demographic conditions have destroyed the ROI for traditional

economic development programs, and have left community leaders demoralized with their ability

to create jobs. What does it take to inspire community leaders to reinvest in economic



3.  Innovations in Economic Development

•  To survive as a viable civic practice, Economic Development, like every other organized

endeavor must innovate new business models and approaches. How does innovation happen in

Economic Development, and what are some of the most promising innovations?


4.  Recruiting, Retaining and Growing Talent

•  A rapidly aging workforce, and a growing skills mismatch, will starve many communities of the

qualified workers needed to grow their economies faster than their populations. Building

effective talent attraction and development strategies are now the cutting edge of Economic

Development practice. What can communities do to find, keep and build talent that matches the

future needs of the economy?


5.  Merging Economic and Workforce Development

•  To remain productive, Economic Development and Workforce Development programs, at the

community level, must become strategic and integrated – in most places, today, they are neither.

What does it take to become strategic? What is the process for integration?


Counseling Relationship – Price negotiable dependent on scope

Counseling relationship as an outside advisor to a CEO or Leadership Group


Retreats and Workshops

One Day – $10,000 plus direct expenses

1-day retreats include debriefing, explaining the issue and scaling to the specific community needs.


Two Day – $15,000 plus direct expenses

2-day retreats allow for more time to map the program implementation process.


Retreat 1


E>P: Growing your economy faster than your population (2 days)


•  A strategic planning retreat combining formal proven processes for Economic

Development. During this retreat, we will walk a diverse group of community interests

through a deliberation of economic and demographic predicaments. The result of this

retreat should leave us with solution sets and new program applications.




Retreat 2

New Program Element Retreat (1 or 2 days)


•  This retreat is focused on development and implementation of specific program

solutions and approaches.


Solution sets include:

1.  Home Based Work (2 days)

2.  New Labor Market Model (2 days)

3.  Talent Attraction and Development (1 or 2 days)

4.  Social Media and Marketing for Economic Development, in conjunction with

The Golden Shovel Agency (1 or 2 days)


20% deposit due at time of booking, remainder due

upon receipt of invoice after services are completed.