I think Mark is way before his time in Economic Development. I bought and read his book “When the Boomers Bail” and I believe we need to get moving now!  No time to waste, New Mexico needs Mark Lautman.

Don Tripp

Speaker of the House of Representatives, NM State Legislature

Mark Lautman has been a frequent and highly rated speaker at conferences held by the International Economic Development Council. Mark is widely regarded as one of the profession’s top innovators and thought leaders in the field of economic development.  I am pleased to be able to call him a friend!

Jeffrey Finkle

International Economic Development Council

I have had the distinct honor and privilege of working with Mark over the past several years on a variety of different projects, most recently the Legislative Jobs Council and the Face the Future Conference concept.  Mark always amazes me with his incredible knowledge on the subject he is dealing with and his ability to take economic information and put it into a form/conversation that even I can understand!   Suffice it to say that when I need input/advice on things happening within my business or thoughts about improving our economy and State, Mark is the first person I reach out to have a positive discussion regardless of the topic.   He has been … and is … a major asset to New Mexico and whomever he is working with at any given time.

Richard Holcomb

Founder and CEO, CliffDweller Digital

Mark is an excellent speaker with a timely and critical message for the future of American communities. He has addressed several audiences for us, including the national membership of Circles USA at our most recent conference, and his book has been read widely throughout our constituency.  Mark has profoundly informed our thinking about the intersection between solving poverty and solving economic development problems. He has influenced our approach to poverty by encouraging us to customize our programs for employers, and to scale our work by synchronizing our recruitment of community members into tightly defined roles that qualify the unqualified for a stronger workforce.  The E>P formula will save communities and Mark is the perfectly qualified messenger, bringing wisdom and humor together in a manner that allows people to wake up and see the future for what it can be, rather than settling for less.

Scott C. Miller

CEO and Founder , Circles USA

As a Rainforest architect and trustee, Mark Lautman is a key member of the vanguard of economic developers, changing the way we design and conduct economic development projects. Mark is an insightful and persuasive speaker and one of the leading minds of economic development. Mark’s expertise in economic development is outstanding. He has depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in the field and he provides innovative approaches to the issues underpinning the aging workforce.

Victor Hwang

CEO, T2 Venture Creation

Mark is one of New Mexico’s most engaging and thoughtful leaders. He’s a dynamic speaker and excellent communicator, and his work with communities across the state has engaged, challenged, and motivated community members and economic development leaders to stand up and fight for their economic future.

Tim Nisly

COO, South Valley Economic Development Center

Mark has been on the front lines of economic development and knows the hard work and collaboration needed to face the many obstacles facing communities and states.  His forward leaning insights sound an alarm that economic development efforts must change to meet the challenges of a new era.

Kenny McDonald

Chief Economic Officer, Columbus2020

It is a singular honor to lend my voice to the legions of individuals, organizations and communities that have been the beneficiaries of Mark’s deep insight into the fabric of economic development and the drivers that inform healthy cities and regions in this regard.

Recently my organization hosted Mark at a conference called the Business of Aging Summit. Mark’s message was central to that conversation and put a laser focus on the necessity to paying careful attention and respect to the demographics and issues underpinning the aging work force. Simply put, he covered all bases inside of a topic that is both dynamic and complex in nature.

Mark’s expertise in this topic finds him coming back to our community for repeated, focused follow up sessions centered on rendering Colorado Springs a remarkable place to age. Simply put…Mark is an acknowledged expert who puts himself inside the fabric of the opportunities and challenges all communities face. We could not ask for a better partner on a more important topic.

David Csintyan

Past President/CEO, Greater Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC

Mark’s grasp of the changing national economy and the impact it will have on our local communities was vital to our planning efforts.  As equally important in conveying the message was his no-nonsense, conversational speaking style. He was able to effectively connect with a broad spectrum of community members. Thanks to Mark, we now look at economic development differently and have changed our focus to meet the challenges head on, instead of waiting and reacting.  We will be better prepared, and ultimately a better community, thanks to Mark Lautman.

Steve Howe

Executive Director, Vermillion EDC